'oioiooi' Alphabet Block Set

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'oioiooi' Alphabet Block Set - (주)유혜림 디자인 플레이 하우스

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The oioiooi alphabet block will help kids approach the alphabet as a pleasant experience.

oioiooi made it with a character that starts with each alphabet.
accessories product image-S1L1

-Product composition: 60 wooden blocks + alphabet picture book + eco bag + drawer package

-Material: beech, walnut

-Age of use: 3 years or older

-Size: 360 x 250 x 60 mm

-Weight: 2.2kg
(*The stitch of eco pouch may be slightly different.)

accessories detail image-S25L4
accessories color image-S1L13

The oioiooi alphabet blocks represent letters like A for'Airplane', B for'Bee', etc.

It consists of a letter and an alphabet starting with the first letter of the alphabet.

accessories product image-S25L5
Alphabet blocks
accessories model image-S25L7
accessories model image-S25L8
P for 'Pig' ( There's magnets in some blocks.)
accessories color image-S1L8
You can match the alphabet blocks on the included alphabet picture book.
accessories product image-S25L9
There's cotton pouch to contain blocks.
accessories model image-S25L10
Hangeul blocks can be used +0,

Why Alphabet blocks can be used +3?

Hangeul blocks and Alphabet blocks are all made of the same wood.

But some of the alphabet blocks are small and can be swallowed by infants.

For infants under the age of 3, please use it without small blocks.
accessories model image-S25L13
How to play

You can find alphabet and character pairs.

(Example: A is for Airplane, B is for Bee)

You can make your child's name with alphabets.

You can match the alphabet to the alphabet picture book.

Other than this, you can play with various storytelling in your own way.

* oioiooi studies for sustainable usability, not toys thrown away after using.

You can play according to your child's development process and use it as a room decoration.
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accessories detail image-S25L16
accessories detail image-S25L17
accessories model image-S25L18
accessories model image-S25L19
 The oioiooi Alphabet Block, which is loved a lot overseas.
The Wall Street Journal, a global economic magazine.
Among the analog home school 8 products to overcome Covid pandemic,
The oioiooi Alphabet Block Set selected.
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Wall Street Journal article
accessories product image-S25L24
STAY HOME. stay safe.
World-famous design magazine.
Design Milk 2019 Kids Gift Selection'
accessories product image-S25L27
Design Milk kids the gift guide
★ Christmas Gifts Wrapping

You can choose to wrap Christmas gifts during Christmas event.

Please send a warm gift to your precious person.

When : December 3rd - 26th.

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* Gift wrapping service

We've prepared gift wrapping service for those who give oioiooi as gifts.

You can choose one of messages : Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, and Congrats.

Packaging consists of eco-friendly paper + rosemary (raw leaves) + messages (wooden pieces).

(When opened, a pleasant rosemary scent is delivered.)

Gift wrapping service is optional. (+3.00 USD)

* Select a congratulatory message (Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, Congrats)
accessories product image-S25L30
(If you choose Welcome Baby, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations and it will be packaged as shown in the picture below. )
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accessories detail image-S25L32
This block is pure wood and finished with vegetable oil.

If you coat the wood, the surface may be a little softer,

No coating was used to allow the tree to breathe.

We wanted to make it safer for children as it is not only a tree but also a toy that can be put into the mouth.

Just as each person has a different skin texture, wood has a slightly different rough surface and different knot texture patterns.

There is no reason for return or exchange, such as the difference in surface condition or knots.

● Where you can find oioiooi


*oioiooi is currently exporting to about 100 stores in 24 countries.

For customers who want to purchase from overseas, please check the STOCKISTS on the official website.

● Foreign articles related to oioiooi

accessories product image-S26L3


This product is over 3 years old. When using by younger infants, remove small pieces.

Small pieces can be swallowed, so do not put it in your mouth and suck it.

Avoid places where there is a risk of fire.

When stored for a long time in a humid place or at high temperature, deformation such as shrinkage and distortion may occur.

Do not hit or throw.

Since it is composed of small parts, parts may be lost, so keep them in your pocket when not in use.

Due to the nature of natural wood, the difference in color and surface condition is a natural phenomenon.

If there is no defect after opening the product, it cannot be exchanged or returned.


This product contains magnets. If the magnet is swallowed, it can be fatal.

If a magnet is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

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Price $188.00
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