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-Product composition: 60 wooden blocks + alphabet picture book + eco bag + drawer package

-Material: beech, walnut

-Age of use: 3 years or older

-Size: 360 x 250 x 60 mm

-Weight: 2.2kg

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The oioiooi alphabet blocks represent letters like A for'Airplane', B for'Bee', etc.

It consists of a letter and an alphabet starting with the first letter of the alphabet.

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You can match the alphabet blocks on the included alphabet picture book.
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Alphabet blocks

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This product is over 3 years old. When using by younger infants, remove small pieces.

Small pieces can be swallowed, so do not put it in your mouth and suck it.

Avoid places where there is a risk of fire.

When stored for a long time in a humid place or at high temperature, deformation such as shrinkage and distortion may occur.

Do not hit or throw.

Since it is composed of small parts, parts may be lost, so keep them in your pocket when not in use.

Due to the nature of natural wood, the difference in color and surface condition is a natural phenomenon.

If there is no defect after opening the product, it cannot be exchanged or returned.


This product contains magnets. If the magnet is swallowed, it can be fatal.

If a magnet is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

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oioiooi alphabet blocks are loved overseas