Oh my star!

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Oh my star! - (주)유혜림 디자인 플레이 하우스

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Twinkle Twinkle my dear baby.
You are my little star.

The first time a baby was born.
I knew the baby were my own star who was more special than anyone else.
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My baby is my special star, my shining star.
so we named it as Oh My Star.
Oh, my star, which sometimes looks like a small asteroid,
It's like a mother who's been waiting all her life to meet her child.
You're my little universe.

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When baby's holding the microphone wooden rattle and babbling.
Feel the moment when you first hear a lovely voice.
muffler detail image-S2L7
When it's shaken, you can hear the cute sound of small pieces.
muffler detail image-S2L9
I hope the rattle that my baby touches for the first time is the warm feeling of the tree.
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muffler detail image-S11L1
It can be used as a baby rattle. Also, it can be used as a first birthday item.
It can also be used as a singing microphone.
muffler product image-S2L16
oioiooi rattle is made of beech and walnut trees.
'oioiooi' Oh my star! package used an Earth pact paper.
Earth pact is a 100% sugar cane paper made to keep its promise with Earth.
'oioiooi' promises small action for a sustainable world.
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Lettering service is available
Lettering service is available so you can have it your baby's own rattle that is written their name.
A meaningful gift with our child's name on it.
Please keep it in your child's babyhood box.

You're always my star.

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                                                                            @501_greeny  @1103chloe
Product Name Oh my star!
Manufacturer Self-production
Origin Vietnam
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Price $28.00
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