Hanguel block set

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Hanguel block set - (주)유혜림 디자인 플레이 하우스

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* Material change

- The blocks have been replaced by walnuts, the finest wood in the Sapele wood.

- German baby coating agent has been changed to Biz wax.

(Biz wax is a safe wax used for lip balm.)


"Hangeul" is the first thing our children learn.

Please help them to imagine and experience various things while playing with Hangeul.

Oioiooi think children's experiences first and most.

Product name : oioiooi Hangeul block set

Components : 45 wooden blocks +Hangeul picture book + cotton pouch + drawer-type package box

Material : Beech wood(France) + Walnut wood(USA)

Age of use : +3 years

Size : 230x230x60mm  

Oioiooi is in a high-end drawer box, so it is good for childbirth gifts, First-birthday gifts, kindergartener gifts, and Christmas gifts.

If you pull the string in the drawer, you'll get a handle that's easy to give as a gift.

The set of Hangeul blocks includes the Hangeul picture book.

Oioiooi Hangeul picture book is an example image that allows you to guess blocks.

Help children enjoy various plays in their own way!





The block is safe to put in children's mouths by finishing with beeswax on the top varieties of beech and walnut trees.

Beeswax is used by bees to build houses because of its anti-bacterial effect.

It plays an important role in keeping the hive sterile.

Beeswax is a safe wax used for lip balm.



Oioiooi Block is an eco-friendly wooden block made of French beech and American walnut trees.

Finished with vegetable oil on pure trees.
Coating the wood may make the surface a little smoother.
But we didn't use any coating because we want let the wood breathe
and to make it safer for children because it was a toy that could fit into their mouths as well as trees.
Just as different people have different skin texture, trees also have different rough surfaces.

The difference in surface condition or the texture is not a reason for return or exchange.

For more, please call Oioiooi Q&A board or 070-7635-0101 regarding product defects. (with a receipt)
If you apply for AS after 3 months of purchase, you will be charged.

- KC -
- CE -
- 14 design patents -
-  Winning the Design Award for Hangeul Content Contest -


Product Name Hanguel block set
Manufacturer Self-production
Origin Global VIETNAM, KOREA
Retail Price $145.00
Price $145.00
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